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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the south bay. children injured... and police are investigating. crash slows traffic in south bay. invest we're live with and a frightening scene in the passen on board a flight to invest in san francisco after say two people are found shot in a car. the news starts now. good evening, thank you for joinin us. a crime scene in the normally quiet delores heights neighb began this morning after someone called to check on a car parked scene. 21st and ray burn and you spoke with neighbors and police. >> yeah, that's right and for
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much of the day, that car was police if they might be consid different scenarios. they s two people did and for now, they're looking into this add as a double homicide, b didn't have suspect info to provid san fr police block ed the us that we couldn't drive throug >> word spread quickly among called to check on a man and woman in a car. they h shot. >> very surprising. very. very scary. >> we are veinvestigating it as double homicide. >> neighbors close police say they did recover a weapon canvassed the area for witnesses. they s shooting does not appear to be random. >> we are look iing at every ane
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in regards to poss that points to a third party or >> they say another point of concer car seat in the car, >> if there is a child tied to this, trying to gather more information. >> he says they've contacted outsid agencies to be b sure. neighb say they didn't close. >> the people here are so friend anding and to have someth this happen is swrus saddening. it's tragic. >> now, i did reach out to san they w still working to be sure that any child that mig accoun for. report live in san francisco,
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news. two emergencie mornin a fire department suv and ambula were responding to they responded. taken to the hospital and are expect to be fine. multic crash sends several highwa 17 always busy on the weeken with people coming and going to the santa cruz area. mary ann is live at the scene with the details. here off highway 17 southbound just off of lark. and several hours, traffic here was at a crawl, but the again. the accident involved three vehicl and happened shortly after noon today.
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>> we had six people that were transp ed from the s >> chp officers have not said if the swrired were all from the vehicle or released the they h not released the ages office are still veinvestigat appear challenge people heading to the beach and freque accidents are caused >> thank you very much. he sent a tweet the highway patrol opened all lanes on southb 17 after this crash. follow us on twitter at nbc bay develo stories.
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san jose police are are invest another deadly shooti second in the past two days. last night near a strip mall. office found a man suffering inform suspects in the shooting. this morning. one of the plane's four engines explod midair. passen board the flight say they heard a loud bang and the plane started shaking. it was losing altitude. lookin out the window, it was the plane landed a a airport, but passengers had wait for hours because president t stirring up more controversy on twitter. this morning, he unleashed a mayor of san juan, puerto rico. one tweet reads such poor
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of san juan and others in puerto they w everything to be done for them. closed quote. the mayored the respon disast relief efforts continue around clock. ten days after maria hit, 95% of puerto without power. one-th the territory's gas statio remain closed and only one-th of its cell service sf back up. presid plans to visit on tuesday. it's not clear if will b among those welcoming him. >> i really have no time for anythi that is not productive in terms of saving lives. >> in another series of tweets, rico's governor and its coming up on nightly news, more the relief effort in puerto begins this newscast at 5:30.
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we're learning new details about week. the32-year-old died protecting his wife as debris rained down on of them. lindse foster says her husband jumped to cover her as tons of rocks slid down on wednesday. they w in yosemite to celebr their first wedding injure person. some rock climbers were rattled, but the geologist says there is no more danger than usual of anothe slide ch. 4:00 this morning at the broadw ramp. a car was driving in the wrong way in the northbound lanes withou lights on. when it hit another vehicle head on. office say both female drivers died. there other passengers involv chp investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involve everything is back to normal after a hazmat scare forced
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neighb to stay in. near washington avenue. the it turned out to be pool cleani products. firefi were able to clean is bac warrio playing their first presea tonight in oaklan thedefending champs get set to take the court, controversy couldovershadow the game. the nba sent out a memo reenfo rules that all for th anthem. that comes after all the contro last week when numero nfl players and an a's player protest during "the presidtrump. still ahead at 5:00, volunt in force in san jose today.
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why the clean u >> it's nice and clear right now, overlooking san jose, but i'll t about the winds and a red flag warning that may have an impact on your sunday plans
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organi say this is not a >> what it does do is make we get into flood stages. >> this is video of the flooding back in february. it was bad. water district is now working on flood control. still ahead, one of the giant' greatest players is >> if you've been enjoying these nice, calm days, there may be if you have plans to barbecue on
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break. span of the bay bridge is gone
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for good. definitely gone fo mornin if didn't get a chance to they'l continue every other
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pitche team history and the longes tenured giant pitch ed leadin out on to the field. >> a huge standing ovation he's played a major role in two champi only perfect game in giant's histor in san francisco or new york's histor he pitched five scoreless inning much more on matt cain's last game. hardbelieve. coming up on nbc bay area news
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>> we've gotten elevated fire it's more or less because we can expect see an increase in the trough into thursday night that ridge of high pressure is 77 degrees right now in the penins 77 also to the south bay. and the trivalley right now in san fr mostly clear. that's what's going to kick up let's talk about that. behind that, we had the trough
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that's building over the that's going to cause our expect on and off again hour. napa, 25, even along the coastl so this is also of up a bit, but mainly in the coastline, not really differ howeve the you live in the area, you probably felt maybe 2 now, 69 degrees in san franci tomorr morning. at lea through the early tomorr a lot of nine in the skies, not just for san
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let's talk about the red flag tonigh and tomorrow, i just now be expect to see for th highlightedareas. we wan to avoid that. outdoo burning is not recomm outside, you may h is expected to remain in place let's about the overnight winds. as of now, looks like santa rosa, the winds will be anywhere betwee 13 and 15 miles per hour. the coastline, the at wha expect. monday the ridge of high
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side. if you notice by thursday and friday we'll see 60s in the san and check out your inland temper we're talk iing about monday weeken barbec outside. >> this you have it. studen a story that will make the bay area p
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garvin thomas has this evening's bay area proud. the only thing more special is >> what i need you to do is when charte school in san francisco, she did however have one >> i'm like, oh, shoot.
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like w middle school >> what she means is that these and so, it cut off the >> two below the knee they didn't however slow her down. in fact, she says she never school >> i had like a hard time >> she's reached adulthood,
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which why a choice she made >> it was a big deal for me to >> newspaper rods and wove them togeth camp, there was a competition to build something from packing materi what she build? a working prosthetic leg. which she then demonstrated to a surprised audience. she won the competition. >> that was a big hurdl for me it was like reenforcing and so >> thinks this was a transf moment for her. never more focusing on what
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comman >> for one, help e kids. teach them about having empathy she sa she allows them one day months her classroom, they garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> nic "saturday night live" weaver going to have a preview
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coast. ryan gosling is hosting with
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mark barger reports. >> live from new york, it's >> the stand up for >> one of the most day. >> red hot election. >> this is going so well. >> followed by the donald trum presid >> yes, this is real life. this really happened. >> every looked like had this season even more memorable. >> i'm the new hispanic cast >> very nervous, but at >> here's the deal.
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>> i love when it's really a changi into new character and thinki goslin host of the season opener earth? >> he got the giggles during his first episode almost two years ago. >> laughter is the best thing. about. get ba to all the laughs. >> and fans are ready the oblige >> yeah, that looks pretty cool. >> remember, there's red flag that's because we are expecting expecting the gusts of the asoid lighting anything on fire >> good idea. "nbc n is next f
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